I once attended a meeting about setting up a directory of writers for the region. There were about 20 of us sitting around a large table, and the proceedings began with us introducing ourselves and what we wrote.  I was the only one who didn't write poetry, and somehow felt I couldn't be a serious writer as a result.  This is something I've rectified in recent years. Here's a list of work which should still be available. For the full bibliography of published and poetry placed in competitions, click here. Scroll down to read 'Ripples', 'The Stuff of Life' and 'Avalanche' (click on the thumbnail).


* Avalanche                                 Partners competition anthology

Bare the Body and Hide the Soul Songs of Eretz Review 9/9/2014

Eternal Summer                       Poetry Nook, Honourable Mention 93rd contest     and https://www.amazon.com/dp/1939832152

In Cold Blood                            Cozy Cat Press Poetry Anthology Mrs Latimer Had a Fat Cat

Made It                                     The World's Best Birthday Ideas June 2014

Plundering the Moon                 Illumen Spring 2015

* Ripples                                     Fish

* The Stuff of Life                        StoneStone

(* see below)


careless wishes
tossed into the still lake.
Who can predict the ripples that spread,
intersect with other longings, disrupt the smooth content?
They sink, forgotten to the muddy bottom, to lie
in a heap of discarded dreams. 

The Stuff of Life

Waiting the turn you hope won't come
Meanwhile the world outside goes on
A couple kiss as life walks by

Can you crack the code?

Sun shines through the window, burning
Eyes closed, listening to the radio
Hearing insects, smelling hay fields
Long remembered

Watch yourself change

Your life's pinboard read at random

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