Flash Fiction

I love writing flash fiction–it's the ideal break from 120,000 word novels. For the purposes of this list of stories which should still be available, I've defined flash fiction as stories under 1,000 words. For the full bibliography of my published or competition-placed flash fiction, click here. Scroll down to read 'Dark'.


Altitude                                Miniwords, Charnwood Arts competition anthology

The Case of the Geometric Pattern      The Binnacle Ultra-Short 7th Edition 2010

Harvest-time                       Editor's Choice The Binnacle Ultra-Short 12th Edition 2015

Homage                             StoneStone

A Matching Pair                   Third, Bowers Gifford & Benfleet Residents' Association competition

Natural Beauty                    Another Realm

Oxygen                               The Binnacle Ultra-Short 10th Edition 2013

Plucked from Obscurity       The Binnacle Ultra-Short 9th Edition 2012

Reflections                          The Binnacle Ultra-Short 11th Edition 2014

Stone, Scissors, Paper         Winner, Miniwords, Charnwood Arts

Weather or Not                     The Binnacle Ultra-Short 13th Edition 2016

Who's a Pretty Boy?            Miniwords, Charnwood Arts competition anthology ; Fifty-Word Stories

A Yarn with a Foreign Twist   Fifty-Word Stories


Everything stopped. The film had been exciting, full of guns and squealing tyres. Now, darkness. Only the pinging of the cooling television told Carrie that she had not died. She shivered, and began groping her way to the kitchen where she kept a torch. 

Halfway to the sink she stopped. There was no orange glow of streetlights, yet she could still make out the kettle and the taps. She went to the window. Hanging above the lamp-posts was a thin moon–'C' for Carrie. A row of stars like an unfinished sentence led her eye across the sky.

She was still standing there when the lights and television flared back into life. Her leaping heart almost choked her. She hurried back into the lounge, and oblivious to the hero taking the love interest into his arms, pulled out the plug.


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