You can wait ages for work to get from acceptance to publication then, like buses, several come out at once.  This week I received the latest wonderful edition of The Binnacle Ultra-Short.  Included are the winning prose, poetry and humorous entries in the annual competition along with a host of pieces receiving honourable mentions, including one of mine, 'Plucked from Obscurity'.  The edition is in paperback form, plus a box with each work on a separate business-sized card, which you can mix around in a lucky dip, keep in your wallet or give to friends.  Added to this, it will be available from Amazon Kindle, and there are plans to feature one of the published entries from the competitions to date on The Binnacle website at
The current (10th) competition is open until 15th March 2013.  You can enter two pieces of work of 150 words or less and it's free, so check it out.

P.S. Just heard - my story 'Healthy Eating' was read on Beam Me Up radio yesterday (12th January 2013).  You can hear it at It starts at about 42.41.