How did that happen? One minute I'm posting a blog here about the Smashwords Read an Ebook Week sale and the next it's the start of the Smashwords Summer-Winter Sale and three months have passed. 
Did I prick my finger and fall asleep throughout spring? If so, I'd like to know what the prince who was supposed to wake me with a kiss was up to in the meanwhile. Maybe I was sucked into a black hole and have only just been spat back out, in which case I shall blame Einstein for the delay. More likely, I've been away with the fairies. You know how the tales go: a hapless human stumbles upon the wee folk dancing in a ring one night and, despite all the warnings, they join in with the revelries (including the wine and those little cakes with icing on the top) and fall asleep. When they wake, they're alone on a cold damp hillside with a stiff back and aching head, and the fairies have danced off with ten years of their life.
Okay, ten years is a major exaggeration in my case, and I can remember what I was doing. Apart from catching up on some reading and writing reviews, I've been working on some pieces on the theme of space for the Bardic Picnic in Northampton this September. This is something I'll be taking part in with other members of Get the Word Out, the writers' group that I belong to. I've also joined a local readers' group, which had its first gathering on a very hot day beneath the trees at Delapre Abbey in June.
I still feel as if I've been slacking, because I don't have a finished product to show for my efforts yet, but sometimes writing is like preparing for Christmas. You feel as if you'll never be able to get everything done, but by the time it arrives, somehow everything is ready.
At least I've got my act together enough to let you all know about the Smashwords sale. Discord's Child is FREE and Discord's Apprentice is 50% off, so you can download the complete Exiles of Ondd series for half the normal price. Artists and Liars is FREE too. Visit before the end of July.
I'll be back soon–unless I'm kidnapped by pirates or kiss a frog and turn into a pumpkin–honest!