Here I sit, fingers on keyboard wondering what to write about. The sad fact is that I can't think of anything, except what to do when you can't think of anything to write.  Some people hold that you should keep plugging away, writing anything that comes into your head even if it's rubbish, and eventually something usable will occur to you.  It can work, but today it hasn't, so I'm going to put the other theory to the test.  Instead of trying to force the words to come, I'm going to walk away and do something completely different, in the hope that as soon as I don't have a piece of paper to hand I'll think of something great.  The more mindless the task, the more the thoughts and imagination are supposed to be free to wander, so I'm off to do the ironing, followed by topping and tailing a couple of pounds of gooseberries–that should do the trick!