Wow! The proofs of Discords' Child and Discord's Apprentice have arrived early. They're looking good, although I do say it myself. I've yet to go through them with my nit-picking comb, but all being well, they should be on sale from Amazon and Create Space by Easter, so you'll have something to read while you're scoffing your Easter eggs. Once I know everything's okay and I have a firm date, the details will be on here straight away. I want to offer some introductory deals, so watch this space.
    I've been dithering over whether to set up a dedicated Twitter account for The Exiles of Ondd. There is a school of thought that people won't want to check two accounts, so it's better to stick to one author account, but let's face it, who remembers an author's name unless they're already dedicated fans? The title of the books or the names of the main characters stick in the memory far better, so a dedicated account might be easier for people to find. On the whole, I'm inclined to try an 'Exiles' account in addition to @KSDearsley. Any news relating to the novels will be available on both–and here, of course.
    While I've been trying to make up my mind, I've been posting extracts from the books for several themed hashtags, such as #Meta4Mon #Thurds and #1lineWed. You could take a look and see if you can recognise where they came from. I've also been joining in #FictFBFeb17 which requires you to tweet on a daily theme as one of your characters. So far, Ro has introduced herself, remembered a first, spoken of a fear, and about something fair. I think she's better at tweeting than me. It certainly doesn't take her as long to think of something! I wonder how she feels about being in print? I'll have to ask her–maybe next week.