At last I can announce that Discord's Shadow is available to pre-order at Smashwords. This means that it now has a firm publication date of 6th November 2021. I was going to make it a week earlier, but the Smashwords site recommends releasing books at the weekend after a holiday, and as 1st November will be a Monday, I decided on Saturday 6th instead. (Never let it be said that I don't pay attention to advice!) This date will not change, barring floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes or the internet breaking.
Here's the blurb:

Time is running out. Ro is no closer to waking the Dragon than she was when her family was exiled from Iyessa. 

Her niece was born deaf and Ro's inability to feel the elements was blamed. Then, her only hope had been to find a cure for them both. Instead, they found themselves accused of murdering the king, becoming entangled in treachery and the struggle to make the Worm all-powerful. Now, people are falling into an unnatural sleep from which they cannot be roused, and Ro is blamed again. 

Forced to flee once more, can Ro find the Dragon in time to save the world from chaos?

I've always been really happy with the service Smashwords provides. It's no more fiddly to set up your novel than on Kindle, and it makes it far easier for authors to provide readers with offers. In the years I've been using it, I've never been sent advertising or emails other than the occasional notification about a new feature for authors or how to enrol work in a sale. If anyone has doubts about opening an account, I can only say that I've never had any complaints. Books can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats, so there should be one that suits your equipment. They also have arrangements with numerous stores and libraries.
Until the end of July, Smashwords has a Summer-Winter sale with hundreds of free and discounted books, including Discord's Child and Discord's Apprentice. If you pre-order Discord's Shadow, you receive a discount on the post-publication price. I hope you go to and take a look.