Who says that folklore and sayings are rubbish? Not me. Last time I wrote this blog I'd had two pieces of good news (the publication of Poetry Nook's anthology with my poem 'Eternal Summer' in it, and 'In Cold Blood', a noir crime poem, selected for the Cozy Cat anthology due out on 1st December), and I was waiting for the third. Now, I have proof that good things do come in threes.
'The Enchantress's Pets' came third in the Remastered Words contest, and will soon be available in this year's audio anthology, read by a professional audio artist. There'll be an interview with me in it too. Details can be found at http://remastered words.com. The anthology will include all the winning and shortlisted stories, and I'm really looking forward to listening to them and finding out more about my fellow authors. 
Actually, I've discovered another good thing this week: a review of 'The Inspiration Machine' at http://www.quicksipreviews.blogspot.com. The reviews on this site are analytical and offer readers more than  a simple value judgement or star rating–not that those are to be sniffed at from an author's point of view. The mere fact that someone has taken the trouble to comment on my work is encouraging. 
So, good things have actually come in fours for me–or is it that they came in a three and the fourth one was the first in a second trio? In which case, I have another two to look forward to. Yippee!