I have an announcement to make (shoulders back, deep breath)–Discord's Apprentice, Book II of The Exiles of Ondd, will be launched in June on Kindle and Smashwords. At least that's the plan. June seems ages away at the moment, all of nine weeks, but I know it will go by in a flash.
    I'm planning a series of 'activities' and 'events' in the run up to publication day. These will be announced on my website, which I shall be revamping shortly, this blog and other sites such as Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon's Author Central as well as on Twitter and a dedicated Facebook page. Look out for quizzes, competitions, previews of the cover, extracts and (fingers crossed) reviews, interviews, appearances and more. Some of these have yet to be confirmed, but you'll get the news as soon as I do. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at dearsleyworks@yahoo.co.uk for further information or suggestions and I'll do my best to respond.
    Right, I'm off to roll up my sleeves and get on with it.