At last, I've had a chance to read my copy of Telescoping Time, the anthology of chosen entries in the Earlyworks Press Science Fiction Challenge. The stories had to 'make a realistic contribution to the debate about how humans and extra-terrestrial species might prepare for contact and learn to co-operate rather than destroy each other through fear or prejudice, by accident or design.' I'm proud to say that my story, 'Haze', is among the chosen. 
Many stories and books have been written, and films made, about how humans might react and interact with aliens, from The War of the Worlds to The X Files. It would be easy to think that the subject had been covered from every angle, more than once, and that there was nothing new to say. Telescoping Time proves otherwise.  The two stories that really stood out for me were 'Last Contact' by R. J. Allison, which leaves the reader with more questions than answers, not least what they would do in the same situation, and 'The Cover Story' by Brindley Hallam Dennis, which was witty, innovative and enough to give any Sci Fi writer pause for thought, but all the stories brought something new to the subject. I thoroughly recommend taking a look for yourself. You'll find details at