The world is orange at the moment. I'm not talking about telephones or TVs, but Jaffa Books. The publisher has a new anthology coming soon, which I've mentioned before, called 'Legendary'. I've got a story in it, so I was allowed a sneak preview of the book, and I have to say I'm honoured to be among such fine company. All the stories are retellings of myths, legends or fairytales given a new perspective. They demonstrate that the originals were far more than mere bedtime stories for children. Disney, they aren't, not that there's anything wrong with taking a lighter look at them, but it would be wrong to dismiss these fables as simply shallow or trivial. There's something about them that still speaks to us all despite the centuries since they were first created, no matter what new setting they're given. Legendary is due out in the near future, so keep an eye on Jaffa Books' website to find out more.