I always try to keep a notebook cum diary when I'm on holiday, so I can stock up on ideas and tweets. On my recent holiday, what I wrote about mostly was the weather, not just any weather, but more specifically rain. As I once tweeted, 'England's been having such changeable weather–sudden downpours, drizzle, persistent rain, showers, light precipitation, squalls... ' A fortnight of heavy showers interspersed with steady rain has added to my store of descriptions.
    There's the type of rain, the size and speed of the drops, whether it clings or splashes. Then there's how it alters the light, affects the temperature, how it changes the feel of the air, the smells  and the colours. What does it sound like on roofs, in gutters, hitting wood or pavements, plastic macs or umbrellas? It affects all the senses. How does it feel to be out in it? How do people walk in it? Can you make up forecasts, predictions, folklore or proverbs about it?
    Does it feel like a punishment or a boon, or like the end of the world is nigh? When the sun appears is it a reprieve or blinding? Depending on your point of view, rain can be a disaster or a lifesaver–think hurricanes and droughts–there have been enough of both in the news this year.
    I now have enough musings and metaphors concerning rain to last me until my next wet holiday, so if whoever is in charge of the weather is listening–you can stop raining now, thank you!