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Dangerous Words

Posted by K. S. Dearsley on Sunday, March 25, 2018,
What are the world's most dangerous books? My vote goes to dictionaries. My reason isn't that they give you the means to express ideas persuasively, to pretend to a background or education you don't possess, or to understand people and ideas that would otherwise remain mysteries. The most dangerous thing about dictionaries is the way they steal your time.
    You innocently pick up a dictionary to look up a word that's been on the tip of your tongue, but before you find it, your eye is caught ...
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Waste Not, Want Not

Posted by K. S. Dearsley on Sunday, July 20, 2014, In : Inspiration 
Researching a novel can be fun or frustrating, but it's always time consuming and, all too often, the facts that you find the most fascinating never make it into the finished work. That doesn't mean that the hours spent checking websites, hunting out books and talking to experts are wasted.
    The more background information you have, the more confidently you can write. You'll know your characters better and won't have to waste time rewriting because you've placed them in impossible situatio...
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My writing career began as a freelance feature writer for the local press, businesses and organisations. Now a prize-winning playwright and short story writer, my work has appeared in numerous publications on both sides of the Atlantic. I write as K. S. Dearsley because it saves having to keep repeating my forename, and specialise in fantasy and other speculative genres.

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