My apologies to everyone who downloaded Discord's Child from Smashwords since the Christmas sale, expecting to find a code at the end for a free copy of Discord's Apprentice. I stuffed up! I wondered why it hadn't been used, despite my banging on about it for the past month. I was beginning to think that no-one loved me. Now, I know why, and I wouldn't blame anyone for being angry–I'm angry with myself. It was only when I reopened the file for the novel to remove the code, as it was no longer valid, that I discovered it wasn't there. I must have forgotten to save it in the first place!
    Aargh! How can I have been such an idiot? I could have sworn I'd checked the new file when I uploaded it. I feel awful, because I've misled people, albeit unintentionally, but that's no use to anyone who's missed out. You want and deserve to know what I'm going to do about it. The only way I can see to make it up to you is to create another coupon for a FREE copy of Discord's Apprentice, to run until 1st March 2018. No purchase is required. The code number is BR32N. Simply visit and key it in at the check-out.
    Once again, I really can't apologise enough.