I put my hand into the bag, and I pull out... a film: The Grand Budapest Hotel. I've seen it, and it's completely bonkers, but in a good way. It's a kind of fairytale grotesque alternative history/adventure/rom-com/thriller that rattles along like a steam train. There are top notch, often surprising, perfromances from a starry cast, including a host of cameo roles. Ralph Fiennes proves himself a fine comedy actor, and special mention has to go to Tony Revolori as Zero Moustafa the lobby boy. If you go to see it, make sure you watch the end credits for bonus giggles.
More giggles with the next item out of the bag–a short film by the excellent Paul Hatcher. It's also bonkers and has a great soundtrack. Not a waste of time at all, Paul! To see it, click here.
Lastly, get a sneak preview of the cover for Legendary, an anthology of myths, fairytales and legends by 11 authors, including my own 'A Solitary Sentence' published by Jaffa Books. The full line-up is Avalon Brantley, B. R. Emery, Jody Giardina, Stephanie Jessop, David Landrum, Chris Longhurst, Brenda Moguez, Eric Shaffer, Chris White, Jen White and me. Find out more here.
That's all, Folks!