The chocolates might all have been eaten and the decorations have gone back in their box, but I've still been enjoying plenty of sparkle and the sweet taste of success. That's because I've received The Binnacle Ultra-shorts 10th Edition. Not only is it exciting to read my work in it, but there are 56 other works to enjoy.
My favourites are 'Hoopty Time Machine' by Christopher DeWan, which one the prize for best prose, and 'In the Parking Lot' by Wayne Scheer. Despite the 150 words restriction they're complete stories with beginnings, middles and satisfying ends, and are beautifully evocative. The edition includes happy tales, sad ones, thrilling ones–in fact, something for everyone. Check it out for yourself at
The closing date for this year's Binnacle Ultra-Shorts is not until 15th March. It costs nothing to enter, so why not have a go?