If you're looking for something that you can read in one 'sitting' I have two suggestions for short story lovers. The first is Plasma Frequency Magazine. It wants readers to vote for their favourite stories to help them choose which ones to put in their first annual anthology. You can find all the past issues at http://www.plasmafrequencymagazine.com. The second suggestion is my anthology Artists & Liars, which is now available at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/322872. It includes short stories, poems and flash fiction with an art connection.
I feel quite pleased with myself for publishing it without the autovetter finding a long list of modifications. I had created the files separately over the years, so they were all saved in different formats, which meant complying with Smashwords' requirements was a bit of a fiddle. Despite that, it was still quicker than having to type everything out again and send it to a publisher, as I would have had to in the supposedly 'good old days'.
For the time being, the reader decides what to pay for Artists & Liars, if anything, so you have nothing to lose by taking a look.