I've been indulging myself over the past few days by dipping into the latest issue of Illumen, a magazine of speculative poetry. I'm thrilled to say that one of my poems, 'Plundering the Moon', is in it. The contents cover all shades of the speculative spectrum and are worth taking your time over and savouring. They're striking, beautiful and thoughtful.
    Going from one extreme to another, during the pre-order period before the launch of Discord's Apprentice on 1st June, I'm tweeting a short extract every day at @KSDearsley, and just for fun, here's a small quiz.

Take the first letter from each answer to make up the name of a character from Discord's Child.

1. A musical instrument that's blown. (5 letters)
2. Mischief-making flying animals. (9 letters)
3. Both percussion instruments and hearts have it. (6 letters)
4. Where the mechanical dragon lives. (4 letters)
5. The Iyessi are sensitive to them. (8 letters)
6. Sud-Iyessa is situated beside one. (4 letters)

The answers can be found in the samples at Amazon and Smashwords. Check back on the Exiles of Ondd page on Wednesday 20th May to see if you got them right.