For one week only, you can buy Discord's Child and Artists & Liars and save 25 and 50 per cent respectively on the usual price. Smashwords is running Read an Ebook Week until midnight Pacific time on 8th March 2014, and I'm happy to be taking part along with a host of other authors. 
I started publishing with Smashwords in June last year, and I've found them really author-friendly. Their formatting might be a bit of a fiddle to begin with, but once you've mastered that they make it really easy to run offers, give vouchers for review copies or competitions and make changes without fuss. It's also really easy to keep track of page views, sample downloads etc., so you can see how effective your marketing is.
For readers, the site is easy to use. You can choose the type of book you like, in a price range that suits you without having to trawl through pages of titles that are way off the mark. Books from every genre are available in Read an Ebook Week, so if you know anyone who enjoys reading, pass on the news.