My blogging schedule has gone out of the window once again. My apologies. I have a really bad habit of seriously underestimating how long it takes me to do things, especially if they involve a computer. A big tip to anyone involved in writing or publishing is to work out how long you think you'll need to do something, double it and then add at least a fortnight! I'm hoping I'm back on track now, but as soon as I finish keying this in, I'm going to recross my fingers. It hasn't helped that I've had trouble with an email address and am having to notify everyone I've given it to that I've changed it. I'm still only about halfway through, and I'm bound to miss someone. Anyone who wants to email me, can use the address on the links page:
    What else has happened since I last blogged? The proofs for Discord's Child and Discord's Apprentice arrived, and apart from a small niggle with one of the covers, which I hope I've rectified, they look fine. This means I'm going ahead with a proposed release date of 1st April 2017. I'll have to confirm this, but April Fool's Day seems appropriate.
    I've set up a Twitter account dedicated to The Exiles of Ondd. On this, I'll be tweeting extracts, quotes from characters, and retweeting anything I find that I feel touches on their world. It also might be fun to set up a hashtag game. No doubt @ExilesofOndd will evolve over the coming weeks. Hopefully, and at the risk of jinxing myself, the exiles will also get their own Facebook page this week too. There are some other ideas that I've got to research and think through properly, which I hope to have sorted soon.
    So, I'd better go and get on with it. As for finding out what Ro thinks about being in print–so far, she's been far too busy tweeting for #FictFBFeb17 to tell me.