Is there a writer on the planet who isn't an avid reader? That might be why the recent Northampton Book Group's 'picnic' was attended by so many writers. They weren't there to plug their work although, naturally, they mentioned it, but predominantly they were there for their love of books.
We chatted about what we'd been reading recently, favourite authors and genres, and what started us reading, as well as swapping books and trying new genres. What was obvious was the pleasure reading brings. Within the pages of a book, readers discover that others have enjoyed/suffered the same experiences and feelings. They are transported to different worlds and empathise with the characters. Small wonder that so many readers want to create their own fiction for others to immerse themselves in!
There were more readers, writers and performers at the launch of Dark Horses, Northampton Arts Lab's latest anthology, later in the day. It is now available at and from Amazon. 
Who says writers are always isolated?