England is currently in the middle of its monsoon season–the ideal time to get some writing done.  You can't do the gardening, or go for a picnic, so there's no excuse not to concentrate.  Actually, there is.  Letting your mind wander as you listen to the rain beating on the windows can be far more creative.
You could start by writing a description of the weather.  How fast is the rain falling?  What does it sound and feel like? How do people react to it?  How do they move?  What are their expressions or their moods?  What do the birds, cats, dogs, cows etc. do?
Now, let your mind travel further.  Did you miss the flood warning?  Has anyone started building a boat?  Could you write a complaining letter to whoever's in charge of the weather?  What will happen if the rain doesn't stop?  Does anyone actually like the rain?  If you were on an alien planet, maybe the rain would not be water.  It might be harmful to humans, but as necessary to the alien life-forms as sunlight is for us.  
Write it all down now, and when you're faced with having to write about we weather on a blazing hot day, you'll have something to refer back to.