I've had one of those weeks where I feel I've been rushing around without really getting anywhere. I think everyone has them from time to time. They're frustrating because you think you've achieved nothing, but is that really true? I've made a list of what I've been doing since last Monday.

I've written: blogs - 3
                   tweets - 6
                   notes for features - 3
                   doggy diary (the things my bichons get up to) - 2 A4 sheets
                   Discord's Apprentice - c.4,000 words (2,000 of which might be usable)

I've also: sorted out pieces of work to send to magazines, including checking each one's submission requirements - 18
               ditto entries for competitions - 4
               proofed articles for someone - 4
               checked out possible markets  - 2 writing magazines
               downloaded a 350ish page novel ready to review for someone - 1

In addition, I've taken the dogs for walks, waved a duster at the furniture and done all the other routine things.

    Okay, this isn't the most prolific record, and half the things on it aren't going to earn me a living or add to my reputation having been done largely for personal use, but the other half sets up pieces of work so all I have to do now is write them up. My 'unproductive' week could prove profitable, after all.