If there are a few typos in this post, it's probably because I'm trying to write it with my fingers crossed.  I have three entries short-listed in separate competitions, and I'm on tenterhooks waiting for the results.  Of course, none of them might progress further, but if Andy Murray can win a gold medal, then anything's possible.  (Go Andy!)  If they don't, being short-listed is no dishonour, and at least I've taken part.
Last year, I entered the Salopian Poetry Society's annual open competition.  I didn't win a prize, but the society did ask if they could print my entries in their quarterly anthology, Salopeot.  The autumn issue is out now and includes my poem, 'The Land Between'. This year's competition closes on 31st August, so there's just time to enter if you're quick.  Visit the website at www.thesalopianpoetrysociety.webeden.co.uk for all the details.