The big news is that my fantasy novel, Discord's Child, is now available at The process was far easier than I had imagined.  In the event, I wasted a lot of time worrying about converting the manuscript to a Kindle-ready version before deciding to simply upload the .doc file and let Kindle convert it for me (which is free). The preview facility allowed me to check everything was okay before finally clicking 'Save and Publish'.  Anyone who is worried that publishing on Kindle is irrevocable can relax.  You can check and amend things at any stage in the process - both before and after publication.

There's lots of helpful information on the KDP site and heaps of forums.  What I found was that the more research I did, the more bewildered I became.  There's no foolproof way of knowing whether the price is right or whether the description is intriguing enough until you try, so once you're sure your manuscript is as good as you can get it, my best advice is to jump in.  What have you got to lose?

On the subject of winning and losing, my biggest problem was coming up with a cover that I was happy with, so I'm going to hold a contest to find the ideal design for Discord's Child early in 2012.  Check out the website in January for full details.