Happy New Year! My festive season was quiet, to say the least. Injuring my elbow was more frustrating than painful, and it prevented me doing things like sending Christmas cards (I could write them, but not get them in the envelopes) or keying in Discord's Apprentice, although I did succeed in completing another rewrite. Typing in this blog one-handed is as much work as I've attempted at the computer.
    The enforced inactivity gave me a chance to reflect on a number of things. Mine is a relatively small injury, so how much more disruption and pain do those with more complicated and/or long-term conditions have to cope with? How does it affect their lives and thinking? I've had to find other ways to do simple tasks like filling the kettle, and had to rely on others to wash my hair or do the ironing. Many things have required greater effort, and if I lived on my own the difficulties would have multiplied. My husband deserves a huge 'thank you' for keeping our home habitable and for looking after me.
    Ultimately, I hope my accident has given me a greater understanding of and admiration for what so many people have to put up with every day of their lives. It might not make me a better person, but at least it might improve my writing.
    As to what 2015 might bring–who knows? But it's already got off to a lucky start for me, as one of my tweets was voted Twiction Addict's Tweet of 2014. If that isn't encouragement to keep going, then nothing is.