In a world that seems to have gone a bit bonkers lately, I have two pieces of good news to share.
The latest Poetry Nook anthology, containing my sonnet 'Eternal Summer' is now available at 'Eternal Summer' was second in the Northampton Literature Group competition in 2010, and gained an honourable mention and publication online in Poetry Nook's weekly contest in 2016. I hadn't given it much thought since then, and was pleasantly surprised when I heard from editor Frank Watson (@followingtheblue flute) early this year that an anthology of prizewinning poems was in the offing. It's been a long time coming, but I feel it was well worth the wait to see my work alongside that of around 70 other poets. Both digital and print versions are available.
I've also heard that as a finalist in the Cozy Cat Mystery Poetry Contest, my poem 'In Cold Blood' will be included in the prizewinners' anthology. I hadn't attempted a noir detective poem before, so I'm particularly pleased. The winners were B. J. Gilbertson, Janet Turner and Audrey Xuan, and it's planned to contain the work of at least 30 poets. The title will be 'Mrs. Latimer Had a Fat Cat and Other Cozy Mystery Poems' after the winning poem. It should be available for preorder soon. Why not go to and check out all it has to offer.
That's two successes for me to be encouraged about, but good things are supposed to come in threes. Fingers crossed for more good news next week!