After a few months when nothing has seemed to move, everything has suddenly rushed on.
I've had news that my short radio play, Wingbeats, is one of the three winners of the eighth annual Midnight Audio Theatre contest. I don't have a date yet for when it will be broadcast, and as MAT is based in Columbus, Ohio, the chances are that you won't be able to listen to it then, but the theatre also has a weekly podcast. I'll post details as I get them.
My story, 'The Inspiration Machine', is due out in Diabolical Plots in March, initially online with a print version of the magazine following later. It's well worth having a look at the Diabolical Plots website at If you sign up to the newsletter, you'll be emailed stories. I have to say, that I've always found these intriguing and entertaining. I'm thrilled to be in such good company.
Something I wasn't expecting was to have one of my poems in the Poetry Nook anthology. 'Eternal Summer' was highly commended in one of its contests a few years ago, and will be appearing alongside a host of other prizewinning poems. Apart from the fact that it's due out (hopefully) around the end of March, I know nothing else at the moment and shall be checking BlueFlute's Facebook page for news.
There's also the prospect of me being taken right outside my comfort zone on the boards (or behind them), either putting words into other people's mouths or vice versa. I can't say anything more at the moment, but I'm being seriously tempted to step (literally) into an unaccustomed role.
Enough mystery! What isn't in doubt is that I shall be taking advantage of Smashwords' Read an Ebook week again. This runs from 3rd to 9th March inclusive, with hundreds of titles across the genres on offer, either at great discounts or free. I certainly intend treating myself to some great reading, and I've also decided to offer readers the chance to download Artists and Liars and Discord's Child absolutely FREE! Simply go to for all the details.
Happy reading!