It's strange how things can be under your nose for months without you noticing them. It wasn't until I logged-on to my dashboard at Smashwords last week that I noticed it has a facility for checking which country your sales have come from. I've never noticed it before, but now I've looked at it, I think I'm hooked.
It turns out that most of the people who downloaded my books in the end of year sale came from the US. No surprises there, although I'm based in the UK. The sales in Canada and Australia were also not so out of the ordinary as they're both English-speaking countries (although they are still very gratifying), and people in the Netherlands are renowned for their good English. What did blow me away, were sales in Nigeria, Bosnia Herzegovina and South Korea. These definitely don't have English as their first language. Maybe the buyers are ex-pat Brits. 
It really got me thinking about who they might be, and how they came to speak fluent English. Maybe they learned at school, or taught themselves. I can imagine them listening to the BBC World Service after a day at work. They could be in their teens or their 90s, male, female, trans, black or white, rich or struggling to make ends meet. Whoever they are, whatever their lives are like, I'm really flattered that people near or far want to read my work.
Thank you all for getting my new year off to such a lovely start.