It's strange how seeing your story in print can change the way you feel about it.  Maybe it's the influence of the other stories around it, maybe it's something to do with how it's illustrated.  You begin to see how other people might interpret it, and that might not be the way you intended.  According to reader-response theory, no text is complete until it's been read, and then only for that reading, so seeing work in a different context is bound to change it.
Bearing this in mind, I read the latest issue of Sorcerous Signals, which contains my story 'The Journey of Life', with some apprehension.  I needn't have worried.  The illustration by Lee Kuruganti captures the atmosphere, and what I wrote still makes sense (to me, at least).
You'll find the magazine at - it's a good read.  Please feel free to interpret 'The Journey of Life' however you wish.  As long as you enjoy it, I'm happy.