This has been one of those weeks when it's been time to catch up with a few bits and bobs.
    I was given the opportunity to have a poem ('Bare the Body and Hide the Soul') on Songs of Eretz Review, which required a short bio and 'poet's notes'. I'd no sooner sent them off than Steve Gordon put them online for the Poem of the Day on 9th September.
    There were proofs to go through for my feature in Thresholds about Samuel Beckett's story, 'Ping'. That should be online tomorrow (Monday 15th September). Then there was an invitation I couldn't refuse from @TwictionAddict. A fan of the site suggested that having published a couple of my twiction stories on a 'custard' theme, and a series of 'sexbot' stories from S. Kay, we should combine the two. Naturally, we were both game for the challenge. I've already sent mine off and have my fingers crossed that it'll be accepted. I couldn't mess about getting it done, as I'm due to be @TwictionAddict's featured author for October. There'll be an interview and a handful of tweets. Hopefully, I'll live up to the honour. Meanwhile, you should be able to find one of my tweets on the prompt 'congregation' online today (14th September).
    It's surprising how the time all these small things take mounts up. Consequently, I haven't got as much done on Discord's Apprentice as I'd hoped, but every couple of hundred words I manage will also mount up eventually. I'm sure it'll all be worth it in the end.