Strange how little it can take to change your whole outlook on life.  This week I'd been struggling under a pile of things that I thought I ought to do and work that I had to do, rather than what I wanted to do.  The harder I tried to get everything done, the more it seemed was left.  Would I ever be able to get back to writing the follow-up to Discord's Child?  Was it even worth trying?
    Then I recieved some news I'd been waiting about a month to hear.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it made all the difference.  Everything changed.  Instead of slumping around the house, I felt like dancing, and all because of one little e-mail.
    Good news likes to congregate together, as I've had confirmation of our holiday booking too.  My husband, the dogs and I will once again be enjoying a fortnight at Bodilly Manor near Helston in Cornwall.  It's a great place surrounded by countryside and close to the sea with a wonderful garden, and the best settees for reading on if it rains.  If I don't find inspiration there, I won't find it anywhere.  I've added its website to my links page, so readers can see for themselves.  In fact, I've added a whole new section to  to check out.
    Have fun!