This is such a strange time of year. All the anticipation leading up to Christmas has gone, but the new year has not really got into swing. Many people have been back at work already, but the decorations are still up. Before you can decide what might happen and what you'd like to achieve in 2022, you need to assess where 2021 has brought you.
Personally, I expected to complete Discord's Shadow far sooner than I did. By the time it was finally launched on 6th November there was little time left for embarking on other projects, However, I'm not downhearted about it. Instead of concentrating on what I didn't get done, I'm thinking about what I did.
I completed the first draft of Discord's Shadow, all the edits, keying in, formatting and proofreading, found a cover, set up the pre-orders and the marketing. I've also written 31 Iyessi songs. Better yet, I've had some really positive feedback and sales to make the hard work worthwhile. In addition, I've written more than a handful of poems, a couple of short stories, some non-fiction and revised some of my previous work. Thanks to the last of these, one of my plays should be getting an airing in 2022 (Covid-19 permitting), and there are several publications in prospect. More importantly, I've joined Get the Word Out, a local group of writers that read, perform and otherwise share their work.
Considering all the disruptions 2021 has thrown up, not least learning to live without our two dogs, I don't think that record is too bad. Slow, I might have been, but I kept going. If any of you reading this feel you haven't achieved what you should have in the past year, remember anything that you've got done is an accomplishment in itself. I'm sure many of you have had to contend with far more than me. Be kind to yourselves. You haven't given up, and that is perhaps the greatest success.
Hopefully, this year will be easier. May 2022 bring you health, peace and happiness.

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