Writers are lucky compared with those in most creative professions.  We don't have to wait for anyone to give us a job to keep working.  If actors are rejected at auditions they can't perform unless they want to declaim Shakespeare at the supermarket check-out.  Singers can practise in the bath, but their performances are ephemeral and gone forever along with the bathwater.  Artists can continue painting whether anyone buys their work or not, providing they have money for materials and enough space to store their work.  But all a writer needs is a pencil, a piece of paper and a few spare minutes a day to keep on working.
Having to get a day job to pay the bills doesn't stifle our creativity, but gives us more material to work with.  We can keep on writing, honing our skills and producing a body of work, so that when our talents are eventually recognised, we already have a back catalogue to draw on and take advantage of being the latest hot property.