I intended this blog to be about cohesion and coherence, but what I wrote didn't have much of either. Then I tried to make it about writing about subjects that don't interest you (again) and, frankly, it was boring. While searching for a solution, I found myself doing the linguistic equivalent of doodling, and coming up with alternative definitions for linguistic terms. 'Oxymoron' could be 'stupid air', if that wouldn't be a contradiction in terms. 'Tautology' might be what a science teacher does if it wasn't using two different words that mean the same thing, ergo one is redundant (like 'two' and 'different' in this instance). 'Onomatopoeia' might be someone/thing urinating on a rug, or at least that's what it sounds like. My favourite is 'syntax', which could be the price you pay for using bad grammar. I wonder how much I owe for this blog? Next week, I'll probably return to the subject I thought of first.