I don't usually do this, but this week's blog doesn't have much to do with writing.  Correction, it has everything to do with putting off getting on with it, but sometimes real life doesn't want to let go of your thoughts and you can't get the imagination started to travel to the far-off land where you left your characters.  For this piece of procrastination I can thank my brother-in-law who posted this link www.youtube.com/JustJesse197 on Facebook.  
People who don't like dogs probably won't be entertained.  Jesse obviously enjoys himself and he's certainly one smart canine!  Our bichons are clever too–so clever, in fact, that they manage to get the treats out of us without doing the tricks!  Harry's also very good at having a wrestling match with himself and knocking the fight out of his bed-cover.  His sister's skills include telling the time.  She makes sure we always know when it's time to get up, have breakfast, go for a walk, get lunch (she points at the cupboard door if we don't get the message), go for another walk, have dinner, play, go to bed etc.  If only I could train them to write a few articles as well.
Anyway, the video of Jesse certainly put a smile on my face.  Enjoy!