"Set up a mailing list," they said. "Make your readers feel special, send them newsletters, give them something extra." It sounded like a good idea, so I looked into it. I researched reputable providers and it seemed simple enough.
Having written a landing page and welcome email, and devised a programme of newsletters, I began to have second thoughts. I got as far as setting up an account for verification before I discovered that my existing email address would not be accepted as it isn't attached to my web domain. I could get a Yola email address at a very reasonable rate, and a P.O. Box for a mailing address (at a rate that isn't what I call reasonable at all), but would I be wasting my time as well as money?
I can always use my blogs here and on Goodreads, or my Facebook page for Exiles of Ondd or Twitter (@ExilesofOndd) to keep readers up-to-date with any news connected with the exiles, such as developments with Discord's Shadow, quizzes, background and anything else I feel is related. A newsletter would give subscribers 'privileged' access to information, but only by denying or delaying it for others. Why not simply give that information to everyone who is interested without cluttering up their inboxes?
The result is, I've changed my mind. For the time being, I shall stick with things as they are. That doesn't mean I don't think my readers are special–there'd be little point in my writing without you. I love it when any of you give me feedback, ask questions or review my work. Anyone who'd like to get in touch, can do so via Exiles of Ondd on Facebook or Twitter, or email me at dearsleyworks@yahoo.co.uk. You'll currently find a call for help to choose the name of a character in both places. Plus, of course, anyone who'd like to read Discord's Shadow can pre-order it before the release date on 6th November for the special price of $2.99 from http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ksdearsley.
I look forward to hearing from you.