Some while ago, I seem to remember promising a review of the Third Flatiron Keystone Chronicles anthology, so here, at last, it is.
    The anthology contains 19 stories, so I expected at least two to come up with the same interpretation of the keystone theme, but the variety was impressive, covering everything from prophesies of doom to tongue-in-cheek wordplay. For me, stand-out stories were Judith Field's nature fantasy, 'Telling the Bees', 'Every Planet Has One' by John Marr, a tale of the power of language in 'Racial Memory' by Gustavo Bondoni, and my particular favourite for its ironic take on time travel, 'You Can Not Have a Meaningful Campaign If Strict Time Records Are Not Kept' by Desmond Warzel–if the local authority ever has to plan a rescue mission, this is no doubt how it will go!
    The Keystone Chronicles is an ingenious mix of stories that, whether light-hearted or serious, all set me thinking. Well worth reading more than once.