The best way to promote your work could be to get it featured on BBC's Radio 4.  Recently a spokesperson for Dickens Journals Online (DJO) was on a programme telling the presenter about the organisation's project to get text copies of Households Words and All Year Round online in time for Charles Dickens's bicentenary next January.  Facsimiles of the originals had been scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), but sometimes words were misread or paragraphs were jumbled, so every issue needed to be proof-read.  With more than 1,000 copies to work on, the spokesperson called for volunteers to help.  
This was on a Monday morning.  The DJO's website was out of action for two days due to a thunderstorm, but when I managed to get online on Thursday afternoon there were only around 100 copies yet to be assigned to volunteers.  It shows how popular Dickens still is and, probably, how many would-be proof-readers there are who are hoping to benefit from putting this on their CV - and the power of Radio 4.
I managed to 'bag' a copy of All Year Round, and proof-reading it has been fascinating.  The website says other projects are in the pipeline, so anyone interested in taking part should check out