Otherwhere and Elsewhen, featuring my science fiction story, 'Heavy Air', is now available from Bridge House Publishing.  You can either find it on their website or at Amazon, priced £3.80 plus VAT.  Edited by Gill James, the anthology is a collection of 12 stories with a loose theme of another 'time and another space, light years from here'.  As well as 'Heavy Air', you'll find stories by Philip T. Brewster, Julie-Ann Corrigan, Phil Hodgkiss, Dawn Knox, Jeff Laurents, Shirley Percy, A. J. Spindle, Damian Steadman, Donald Stevens, Yvonne Eve Walus and Nick White.  It took quite a while to get from acceptance to publication, but for me it was well worth the wait.  It's great to find my work amongst such good company.
A publication that's been really quick off the mark is Writing Tomorrow.  I submitted 'The Enchantress's Pets', to the magazine on 1st February and on 6th February it was accepted.  Not bad–especially as a page in the middle of the file had vanished.  It's a mystery why.  I have the story saved on my computer in four formats, all of which have all their pages, but when the attachment reached the magazine page three was missing (no, there weren't any pictures on it!).  It's probably halfway to Mars by now.  
Never mind.  The good news is that the editor of Writing Tomorrow, Miranda Kopp-Filek, thinks the story's a "unique, stand-out piece" and is planning to include it in the April issue.