Spring-cleaning isn't everyone's idea of fun, but with most of us being confined to our homes for the foreseeable future, they could soon be the cleanest and tidiest they've ever been (providing you aren't home-schooling, of course). Once everything in the house and garden has been titivated to the 'nth' degree, what are you going to do?
Inspiration might be in short supply, and it can be difficult to focus your imagination if you're worrying about the current situation. If you're struggling to settle to write, try spring-cleaning the work you already have.
I recommend keeping a hard copy of anything you've written, as I find it easier to proof and edit on paper, but at least make sure you have back-up copies on a memory stick or CD, or something that ensures it won't be lost if your computer gives up. Checking this can be your first task.
Have you got a record of where and when each work was sent out and the result? If not, this can be your next job. This might also help with deciding where to send other work in future. Send a query if any work hasn't received a response, either an acknowledgement or an acceptance/rejection, within a reasonable time (check the publication's guidelines if you aren't sure what that is).
If you keep a notebook, you could transfer ideas into files on your computer. Some headings you could try are Characters, Feature Ideas etc.. Many of my ideas get jotted down on whatever scrap of paper comes to hand, so collating them in one place not only prevents them being being accidentally thrown out, but makes it easier to find inspiration if I need an idea on a particular theme.
Old work might need a revamp to update it, and if a piece has been rejected a few times, might it benefit from a change in point of view or from starting at a different point? If you don't feel up to tackling that now, make a list.
Be kind to yourself, and when life gets back to normal, you'll be ready to make a flying start.

P.S. When you really don't feel like writing yourself, read what someone else has done. Even with libraries shut you can get access to hundreds of books for free in the Smashwords Authors Give Back Sale at http://www.smashwords.com, which has been extended until the end of May.