I confess: I like A Town Called Eureka. The series, which is on Pick, is not exactly the most realistic show on television. In fact, the other half says it's ridiculous, and with my critical head on, I'd have to agree. I got into watching it, because it's on straight after Monkey Life. The series about Monkey World Primate Rescue Centre in Dorset seems to be on a loop and I'm currently watching something like the fifth circuit, plus the new series. I'm addicted to the chimpanzees and the capuchins, the orang utans and the stumpies etc. for obvious reasons–there's tragedy, comedy, and compelling characters and situations–but the attraction of A Town Called Eureka isn't as obvious.
    Of course, when I'm in full-on procrastination mode I'll watch anything, but I actually enjoy A Town Called Eureka, and I'm not sure why. It's a kind of sci-fi, futuristic soap opera where a town full of geniuses and an everyman sheriff come up with fantastic inventions which usually interact badly with each other and threaten disaster, requiring heroism on the part of the sheriff and impossibly quick and easy scientific solutions. The only reason I can come up with for not wanting to miss it is its fairytale optimism.
    There might not be a happy-ever-after, but there's a feelgood factor that makes you think that one day there might be, and we could all do with a little more optimism. Maybe the unresolved or negative endings of postmodernism are due to take a rest and happy endings will have a renaissance.