You could say I've lacked focus for the past week. It started well enough on Monday with a few thousand words of Discord's Shadow written (I know, it's well behind schedule). This was despite receiving my contributor's copy of Diabolical Plots Year Five book. Somehow, I managed to resist the lure of its 26 stories, as I want to binge read it and write a review, but it was still a temptation that diverted my attention.
Tuesday took me to a writing lunch with a friend, Trevor Smith. Trevor is a talented actor, poet and playwright with whom I swap notes, and whose brains I pick on a regular basis. His scripts for Elephants Don't Run and A Necessary Death are available to download FREE at, and the site also handles performance licenses for them. 
Trevor brought me feedback from a local filmmaker on one of my short plays, but before I could digest this, I had news that The Blend, a new Australian magazine, has accepted one of my stories, 'No Man's Land', for publication this summer in its first issue. By the time I'd come down from the ceiling enough to do anything sensible, I received the final proofs for the 2019 Poetry Nook Anthology containing 'Eternal Summer'. This should be out in the next couple of months. I'll post details as I get them.
Now, of course, my mind's all over the place, but once I've posted this I hope to return to Ro and her fellow exiles. The way things are going though, I'll probably hear from Midnight Audio Theatre about progress with Wingbeats and the whole merry-go-round will start again. Not that I'm complaining. Good news can be scarce, so I intend making the most of it and enjoying success whenever it comes along.