Have you ever tried googling yourself?  
The first time I tried it was after a bad day and I thought it might cheer me up.  It did.  I discovered that I'd been shortlisted in a competition and came across a couple of reviews of my stories.  The next time, I found two of my poems that I had sent to a magazine without getting a response had been published, and someone had used a mini story of mine on their blog without my permission.  The mini story, titled 'Stone, Scissors, Paper', was about the game - the blog was for origami enthusiasts.  Recently, I discovered a health and well-being site had quoted a story of mine, titled 'Healthy Eating' - it was a science fiction tale that was published in New Myths.  I also found my name on a number of music sites after my story, 'Graffiti' was podcast by Pseudopod - audio, but not music.  
I'm now waiting to see myself listed as an expert on nutrition who sings and studies Japanese art forms in my spare time.  Whatever will it be next?  'Avalanche' (a poem about falling in love) on a mountaineering site?  It just goes to prove it's a strange old world.