Having stupidly missed the broadcast of my play, Wingbeats, on http://www.wcbe.org, I couldn't wait for it to be uploaded to Midnight Audio Theatre's website (http://www.midnightaudiotheatre.com). I finally got to listen to it a couple of days ago, and I'm thrilled.
The play is about a girl who emigrates and arrives on the doorstep of her aunt hoping to enlist her help to find work so she can send the money home. Everyone involved in bringing the play to life has done an excellent job. The portrayal of the characters is exactly as I'd hoped, the sound effects, the music–everything is just right.
You might think I'm gushing. Possibly, but in the circumstances, I think I'm allowed to be excited. If you go to the website and listen yourselves, I hope you'll enjoy it. It's only about 17 minutes long–short enough for a coffee break.
The Wild Hunt by Jim McDoniel is still available too, and the final play, K. G. Kline's No Man's Land, is still to come.
Meanwhile I'd like to send my thanks and appreciation to Producer and Mixer Catherine Rinella, Executive Producer Dan Mushalko, Michelle Sandler who played Katya, Maximillion Santucci who took on Dr. Leopold, Grandfather and Guest, and Alison Holm who portrayed Aunt Xenia. You've done me proud!