I don't have a secret door to a fantasy world in the back of my wardrobe, nor can I flip open my phone and ask Scotty to beam me up, but I shall be running away for Christmas. There will be no last minute rush to the shops, nor any family arguments about which old film to watch on TV. I shall be in my own world, or more likely, a someone else's world.
If I'm not scribbling notes and ideas for my own writing, I shall have my nose in a book or two. There will be no shortage of choice as the Smashwords End of Year Sale is on now until 1st January 2022. As usual, there will be hundreds of titles in every genre offered at hefty discounts from 25 per cent off to free.
With so many bargains to be had, there's no need to stick to authors or genres I've enjoyed before. I might pick an Action Adventure or treat myself to a Western or a Regency Romance. I'm bound to be tempted by some Fantasy titles. Whatever I choose, I aim to post reviews once I've read them–it's the least I can do, and it helps me as a writer by reminding me what readers are likely to look for in my own work.
The Smashwords sale also means I have one less present to worry about getting, and that's the one I give to readers. Discord's Child is FREE and Discord's Apprentice is 50 per cent off, which means you can download the whole series for half the usual price. Visit http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ksdearsley and use the coupons you'll find there.