I'm off on holiday next week. If I don't melt in the predicted heatwave, I might find myself a shady spot in which to enjoy a glass of something long and cold while I read or people watch. To celebrate and give everyone else a chance to enjoy a summer read, I've enrolled Discord's Child in Smashwords' summer promotion which lasts until 31st July. You can download the novel free by using the coupon number you'll find on the page. 
    I hope to return inspired by Renaissance and ancient architecture, art, food and all the gaffs I'll undoubtedly make trying to find my way around or asking for coffee with a little bit of milk (how British!). Going away on holiday tends to alternate relaxation with uncertainty, but it does everyone good to leave their comfort zone now and then. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can try walking the dog on a different route, sitting on the other side of the bus, or chatting to the person next to you at the supermarket check-out. Even a small change in routine can make you more observant, provide you with a different perspective and generally sharpen you up. These are good things in themselves, but for a writer they're essential.
    I'll let you know how I get on when I'm home again. Meanwhile, arrividerci!