The good news this week, is that my entry was a runner-up in the Haynet and Lavender & White Equestrian Short Story competition. 'Horse Sense' is about a man who tries to reignite the spark in his marriage by taking his wife on holiday in a horse-drawn caravan. When things go wrong, it takes horse sense to save the day. All the runners-up will be published on the organiser's site at in the near future, and you can already enjoy the winner, 'Be Careful What you Wish For' by Amanda Warner, there for free. The aim of the competition is to raise funds for World Horse Welfare.
   'Horse Sense' is something of a novelty for me. Horses have been one of my great loves since I was a child. If my family was on a car journey, we would always have to stop if I saw horses in a field, so I could get a closer look. I had some unofficial riding lessons from a family friend until we moved house, and in recent years I've had lessons to learn how to ride properly with the ultimate aim of going on a riding holiday (we all have impossible dreams). Despite this, horses have never really featured in my stories, apart from this one. Perhaps this is because when I'm riding, it takes all my attention, so my mind can't wander far enough to find inspiration. The success with Haynet and Lavender & White Equestrian Publishing has got me thinking, however, and this could  all change in the near future. I feel a series of linked stories could be about to take shape.