A new edition of Artists & Liars is now out with three extra pieces. And that's not all: it's also now available in paperback with illustrations by yours truly. You'll find three poems, two flash stories and nine short stories about the art world from every angle, including clumsy cleaners, bashful models, and self-centred divas.
I'm still very involved in the art world both professionally and socially, so in a few years' time Artists & Liars might get even fatter–or maybe I'll have enough stories for volume two. Meanwhile these are the new additions:
'Blind Alleys' - Margaret is on dangerous ground: a middle-aged academic contemplating starting a fling with a student. Should she or shouldn't she? Either choice might leave her with lasting regrets.
'Bare the Body and Hide the Soul' - Can you see beneath the surface?
'Angel Wings' - Jay has been commissioned to paint an angel, but cannot decide what colour the wings should be. His research only makes the choice harder.
The digital version is available from Amazon and Smashwords and at a plethora of stockists including Kobo, Barnes & Noble etc.. For the time being, the paperback is only available from Amazon. This might change in future depending on how well I get on with Draft2Digital. I've only just migrated my books there from Smashwords following the merger of the two, and I want to be sure that D2D's service is as good as Smashwords' was. I've seen a lot of bad reviews, so I might have to move them again. Meanwhile both Artists & Liars and Discord's Child are available from Smashwords until 9th March to coincide with Read an Ebook Week.
You can find both versions of Artists & Liars at http://www.tinyurl.com/artists-liars, and the digital one at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ksdearsley.