Life's full of difficult decisions. Lately, I've had lots of different writing-related tasks to do, and I've found it hard to know what to tackle first. Time to make a list! I have a story waiting to be written, a feature half-researched, work to rewrite, a story to key-in, potential markets to check and marketing to do. Thankfully, nothing has a deadline, but that leaves no clear favourite to start with, so I've put together a series of questions that might help me to avoid wasting time dithering.

1. Is there anything whose ideas, creativity or flow might get lost if it's left to wait?
2. Can everything be started immediately, or does anything require a thinking space?
3. What has to be completed in one go, and what can be started and returned to? Some things need enough time set aside to complete in one session.
4. Can anything be completed quickly and sent out to earn its keep? Being able to tick something off the list would give my energy and motivation a boost.
5. Where are I going to be in the coming week? Will I have access to a computer? Will I have a chance to develop ideas in my head? Am I likely to get interrupted?

Mm... I don't have all the answers yet, but I think the questions will help me to focus. No doubt other writers would come up with different questions to help them crystallize their priorities and see what they can realistically achieve in their circumstances. In my case, at least I've written this blog–tick!